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Tulikivi – The Rolls Royce of Masonry Heaters & Soapstone Fireplaces

crystal lakes co tilikivi fireplaceMany homeowners who love both fireplaces and being earth-friendly have been in a dilemma. Typical masonry fireplaces are a delight to the eyes and a joy in the home, but they are inefficient. In fact, when the amount of heat lost up a chimney year-around is factored in, the efficiency rating can be in the negatives. Tulikivi is the world’s largest manufacturer of heat-retaining fireplaces, and they have the solution. The company’s soapstone fireplaces and masonry heaters have made it possible to use firewood for truly efficient heating. These gems are just what many of us have been dreaming of.

Soapstone Fireplaces
The features that set apart the Rolls Royce of soapstone fireplaces and masonry heaters go beyond the soapstone material. Tulikivi has a patented whirl chamber that cuts harmful emissions from wood fires down to an absolute minimum. A Tulikivi fireplace provides abundant heat and is able to meet the strictest emissions standards.

Soapstone is a beautiful heat-retaining material. Fires in a Tulikivi fireplace provide consistent, comfortable warmth hour after hour. Even your home’s largest room can be thoroughly warmed with the soft, radiant heat from one of these attractive and distinctive fireplaces. Even after a fire has gone completely out, the soapstone continues to emit warmth into the room.

There are numerous styles of Tulikivi fireplaces to choose from. Customizable features make it possible for you to fashion the fireplace to your personal tastes. You may want to include mantel shelves and doors. A new soapstone fireplace can be installed in a corner. A fireplace that is also a space divider is another option.

Masonry Heaters
Tulikivi modern power heaters provide additional heating solutions. These powerful heating units can be combined with the water heat exchange system in a building. Same as with the fireplaces, Tulikivi masonry heaters are generously clad with soapstone. These fireplaces are air-tight, and there is a wide range of models to choose from.

The Benefits of Soapstone
tulikivi fireplace in windsor coSoapstone is a metamorphic rock formed under intense pressure and heat. The composition of soapstone is remarkably stable. It has been recognized for centuries for its ability to retain heat. Although marble and granite hold and radiate heat, they cannot indefinitely withstand direct flames. Soapstone can withstand fire as well as dramatic temperature changes. It is arguably the perfect material for fireplaces and heaters of the highest quality. Soapstone is actually stone, and it’s far more durable than cast iron, steel, or refractory bricks. The steady, comfortable heat emitted from soapstone is also gentle, giving it a safety advantage. Even if you cozy up to a soapstone fireplace or masonry heater with a fire blazing inside, you won’t feel the same uncomfortable blast of heat produced by a steel-lined fireplace.

We invite you to stop by our showroom in Fort Collins CO to see these gorgeous soapstone fireplaces and power heaters for yourself. Fyrepro is an authorized dealer for Tulikivi fireplaces in Colorado, Nebraska, Southern Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas and the surrounding areas.