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Tulikivi Masonry Heaters | Tulikivi Soapstone Fireplaces

Tulikivi Soapstone Fireplaces - Boulder County Fort Collins COWe are an authorized dealer for Tulikivi fireplaces in Colorado, Nebraska, Southern Wyoming, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas and the surrounding areas.

Tulikivi masonry heaters provide an elegant heating solution in a stunning soapstone design. Each cozy, soapstone fireplace is designed with a unique, patented Tulikivi whirl chamber which is engineered to reduce harmful emissions and provide an effective heat source. Thanks to innovative designs, a Tulikivi fireplace can produce more heat with less wood which means you can enjoy a longer fire with less legwork.

Soapstone Tulikivi Fireplaces

Crafted with an abundance of beautiful, heat-retaining soapstone, Tulikivi fireplaces release a steady, comfortable warmth for hours on end. The soft, radiant heat will spread throughout the room and warm even your largest rooms with ease. Unlike a number of other styles of fireplaces, the heat from a Tulikivi fireplace will not burn the air or escape up to the ceiling. And, since soapstone retails heat quite well, warmth can be felt hours after the fire has been extinguished.

A number of customizable features can be added to your Tulikivi fireplace, including mantel shelves and doors, and we offer a full range of sizes & styles, whether you’d like to install your new unit on a standard wall, in a corner, or as a space divider. Stop by our showroom in Fort Collins CO today to see these incredible masonry heaters in person and speak with our experts to find out what a Tulikivi fireplace can do for you and your home.

High Efficiency, Clean Burning Fireplaces

Fort Collins CO Installation of Tulikivi Soapstone FireplaceUsing clean combustion & advanced technology, every Tulikivi fireplace burns with high efficiency. Since only a small amount of wood is required to maintain a fire, homeowners can enjoy reduced heating costs during the cold winter months. The closed combustion system is designed to burning cleanly and produce very little ash, and Tulikivi fireplaces are able to exceed even the toughest of emissions standards.

If you are looking for an efficient, economical, eco-friendly, and easy to use heating alternative, a Tulikivi fireplace is the best option. Why soapstone? Soapstone is an extremely effective material to use in fireplaces because it has excellent heating retaining & conducting properties. Warming up gradually, a soapstone fireplace will gently heat a room by radiating it warmth evenly across the space. The heat output is so gentle that you can touch the surface of the soapstone without burning your fingers.

Contact us today to learn more about Tulikivi fireplaces and to find out more about our exclusive products including Whirlbox Fireplaces, Flat Grate Fireplaces, Bakeovers, and Lightweight Fireplaces.

Fyrepro Crews install a Tulikivi 2700 See Thru Model with benches and a bake oven in Prescott Valley Az.