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Valcourt Wood Stove - Fort Collins CO Hearth StoreCustomers from Fort Collins CO, Berthoud, Timnath, Longmont, Bellvue, Severance, Westminster, Broomfield, and the surrounding towns in Boulder County, Weld County, and Larimer County, turn to FyrePro for their wood burning stove needs.

Practical, cost-saving and aesthetically pleasing, wood stoves add value to any home. Gain the calming scent and incredible ambiance of a fireplace while having the added benefits of a stove that acts like a furnace. A wood stove can serve as a gathering place to enjoy the flickering flames and heat of a fire that also lowers heating costs and reduces your environmental footprint.

Wood stoves are highly efficient and can potentially heat an entire house with the right unit. This is due in part to the elevated heat output that emanates from all sides of the stove and not just the front like a traditional fireplace. Wood stoves also work without the need for electricity, providing both heat and a way to cook should the electricity go out during the harsh winter months.

Modern, EPA Certified Wood Stoves

Unlike wood stoves of the past, more recent models are EPA certified to meet the high standards of air quality. Newer wood stoves, due to their enhanced design, produce very few emissions. This advanced technology allows the harmful byproducts produced by fire to be burned up rather than be released into the environment. Wood-burning stoves are further environmentally friendly as it uses firewood, which is a renewable resource, as its fuel source.

Wood Burning Stove Installations - Weld County ColoradoWood stoves come in a wide variety of designs that can fit in with your personal taste and style from rustic to urban or traditional to modern. These stoves are typically made from one of three materials: soapstone, steel and cast iron, each with their own advantages depending on what you are looking for. Soapstone stores and maintains consistent heat the best but takes the longest to heat up and cool down. Steel heats up and cools down the quickest. Cast iron is the classic and popular choice that can have a simple to very ornate design in addition to a cooktop.

We would love to help you select the right stove to fit your needs. Stop by our showroom in Fort Collins, CO to have one of our experts show you the makes and models that we have available.