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Incredible Selection of Heating Stoves - near Greeley COResidents from Fort Collins CO, Boulder, Cheyenne WY, Laramie WY, Longmont, Greeley, and the surrounding areas in Boulder County, Weld County, and Larimer County travel to our wonderfully stocked showroom in Fort Collins to view the best selection of wood, gas, pellet, and electric stoves on the market.

Stoves are no longer considered old-fashioned appliances. New heating stoves, whether they are wood, gas, pellet, or electric, are highly efficient, beautiful, and are engineered with innovative technological features that every modern homeowner wants. These highly effective heating units can produce the same amount of heat with less firewood, are 50% more energy efficient than earlier versions, and produce 70% less particle pollution. Homeowners can enjoy a number of wonderful benefits when they choose to install a wood, gas, pellet, or electric stove.

Contemporary stoves offer increased versatility and have fewer installation requirements so these hearth appliances can often be installed in rooms or spaces where a traditional fireplace would not be practical. Stoves also act as an effective means to zone heat the busiest rooms of your home during the cold winter months. Use your stove as a supplement to your central heating & turn down your furnace so you can enjoy savings on your utility bills each winter.

Our expansive showroom features a beautiful display of wood stoves, gas stoves, pellet stoves, and electric stoves so you can view your favorite brands side by side. Speak with our fireplace & stove experts to find out which unit will perfectly suit your heating needs & lifestyle.

Wood Stoves

Crystal Lakes CO Wood Burning StovesWood burning stoves have truly been a staple in households across that nation for decades. They have become valuable assets thanks to their high heat efficiency, new innovative technology & designs, and high quality construction. When centrally located, a modern EPA certified wood stove can effectively heat an entire home as large as 3,500 sq. ft. Visit our store in Fort Collins CO to browse stoves made from cast iron, steel, or soapstone construction, choose your favorite features, then select whether you prefer top-loading, front-loading, or side-loading.



Gas Stoves

Efficient Gas Stoves - Fort Collins COFree-standing gas stoves are an excellent choice for homeowners who enjoy the ambiance and warmth of a fire, but don’t want the leg work of chopping, storing & stack firewood or tending to a fire constantly. With the flip of a switch, gas stoves will ignite, producing warm dancing flames. Whether you are looking for a decorative room feature or an effective & efficient heat source, a gas stove is the perfect choice. Choose from direct vent or vent-free gas stove units, depending on the space you wish to install your new stove. Enjoy all the benefits of a fire without the hassle and upkeep of a wood stove.



Pellet Stoves

Pellet Heating Stoves - Boulder COPellet stoves offer an eco-friendly way to heat your home this winter. These highly efficient heating alternatives put out a lot of heat and run on a renewable, recycled fuel, known as wood pellets. Whether you are looking to cut your heating bills or reduce your environmental impact, a pellet stove is the perfect option. These units produce a steady heat and are easy to use, adding to their list of attractive features. Homeowners can enjoy a wood fueled fire but will not need to constantly tend to & keep up with the fire, unlike a wood burning stove.