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Longmont CO Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts, Stoves & Outdoor Kitchens

longmont co. Fireplaces, Fireplace Inserts, Stoves, & Outdoor Fireplaces

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Be sure to stop by the FyrePro showroom to check out our fantastic selection of electric, wood, pellet and gas fireplaces, fireplace inserts, stoves and outdoor kitchens from top rated brands.


Longmont is a beautiful city with an urban feel and the amenities to match. It’s a large city, surrounded by pristine lakes, beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. Due to its large stature, covering over 21 square miles, the city is in both Boulder and Weld counties. There are a lot of fun things for residents and visitors to do like thrilling summer and winter adventure sports, exploring history, soaking up local culture or just kicking back and admiring the gorgeous natural landscape. Residents traveling along I-25, US-287 and SR 119 can often see our friendly and knowledgeable service technicians riding in their FyrePro trucks enroute to their neighbors’ homes for professional maintenance and installation of Fireplace Inserts, Stoves, Fireplaces, Masonry Heater Fireplaces, Outdoor Fireplaces and more.

Stoves – Freestanding Gas, Wood and Pellet Stoves

Our selection of freestanding gas, wood and pellet stoves are not the same as those found in grandma’s house. These are modern heating appliances engineered with state-of-the features and are highly efficient. Their portability and handsome decorative styles enables them to be installed in any room in the home that needs a heater. For homeowners in Longmont CO looking for a heating appliance that won’t add to the carbon footprint, our pellet stoves are the way to go. Our wood stoves are a modern heating appliance that provides homeowners with the traditional experience of the fresh scent of burning wood.   While our gas stoves offers the convenience of spreading warmth throughout the home without the hassle of obtaining and storing wood logs.

Masonry Heater Fireplaces – Tempcast and Tulikivi

Longmont CO homeowners who want nothing but the best quality masonry heater fireplaces are discovering the high efficiency of Tempcast and Tulikivi. With its innovative design replicating its Scandinavian history, Tempcast is often considered the healthy natural heating solution. One of its most exciting features is the dramatic fire show in the bake oven that is visible through the self-cleaning glass doors. Tulikivi are also outstanding fireplaces. Crafted from natural soapstone masonry, Tulikivi fireplaces can be installed practically anywhere, even in the middle of a room and will radiate a gentle heat throughout the entire home. And the home will stay warm and cozy long after the fireplace has been extinguished.

Fireplaces – Wood and Gas Z/C fireplaces

Our wood and gas zero-clearance (ZC) fireplaces are a popular choice for many Longmont CO homeowners, especially in smaller rooms with tight spaces. ZC fireplaces are self containing units like an insert, but are safe for use when installed against combustible materials like masonry and wood work. Although they never get hot enough to ignite combustible materials, they provide more than enough heat to keep any room warm and toasty on a cold day or night. We offer both wood and gas ZC fireplaces in a variety of attractive sizes and styles that are sure to be a perfect addition to any home.

Outdoor Living – Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces and Grills

There is no better way to enjoy the winter or cool days in Longmont CO than grilling up your favorite meals on the patio while cozying up to an outdoor fireplace or spending quality time with family and friends around the fire pit. Our striking custom built fireplaces are nothing short of a masonry stone work of art that will undoubtedly add to your home’s ambiance. And the backyard chef in the family will fall in love with our range of truly exceptional professional outdoor grills with all of the features you would expect in an outdoor kitchen. But for a really unique backyard experience, you’ve got to check out the spectacular fire pits at the FyrePro showroom.  

Fireplace Inserts – Gas, Wood and Pellet Inserts

longmount co. beautiful fireplace insertMany Longmont CO customers are excited about the high home efficiency ratings of our wood, gas, and pellet fireplace inserts. One of the big advantages of fireplace inserts is that it’s a self-contained unit that installs right inside an existing masonry fireplace. Wood inserts have the look and feel of a traditional fireplace right down to the wood logs crackling against the flames. Pellet inserts operate much the same, but with virtually no smoke which makes them more environmentally friendly. Gas inserts are the simplest to use. Just turn on the switch and you have an instant roaring fire for as long as you want.

Outdoor Kitchens – Construction & Installation

We custom design your kitchen from the ground up working on all electrical and plumbing as needed. You can have a BBQ island installed complete with sinks, refrigerators, and much more. If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor living space then add an outdoor kitchen! Our team of NFI certified technicians will custom build your outdoor kitchen any way you want.