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Greeley CO Fireplaces Inserts / Stoves (Gas, Wood or Pellet Burning) & Fireplaces (Gas or Wood Burning)

In Greeley, CO., homeowners trust FyrePro to deliver the top names in fireplaces, stoves and fireplace inserts.  Family-owned and noted for its down-to-earth, local attitude, FyrePro has served the greater Ft. Collins, Colo. area since 2002.  If you live in or around Greeley, you’ve probably seen our service trucks on Centennial Hwy. or U.S. 34 or W. 10th St. leading in and out of the city.  We also serve the nearby communities of Bracewell, Lucerne, Cloverly, Kersey, Evans, Garden City and others.

We’re proud to offer the top names in home heating appliances for our customers throughout the greater Ft. Collins region.  When it’s time to upgrade or start from scratch, FyrePro has what you’re looking for.

Gas and wood fireplaces

wood burning fireplace in greeley coWhether you prefer a fireplace that runs on gas or one that burns wood, you’ll find a fine selection of new models in our showroom.  Gas is convenient to use as a fuel and burns very clean.  Modern gas log sets strike an amazing similarity to traditional wood logs with the advantage of virtually no maintenance required by the homeowner.

Wood fireplaces bring our Greeley customers an ambience that’s hard to beat with any other type of fuel.  There’s nothing like a roaring fire with logs crackling for a family to gather ‘round on those cold Colorado nights.

With both gas and wood fireplaces, you can find models with sleek, contemporary looks or more old-fashioned and traditional aesthetics.  Leading fireplace brands we handle include Kozy Heat, Ambiance, Valcourt, Regency and Vermont Castings.

Fireplace inserts

greeley co new installed pellet insert

If you have a big masonry fireplace and feel that it simply isn’t producing the heating efficiency you’re after, you need to look into adding a fireplace insert.  Inserts can be fueled by gas, pellets or natural wood.  They’re pre-made to fit snugly into an existing firebox and bring high levels of heat to any room.

A traditional masonry fireplace can lose up to 90 percent of its heat up the chimney.  While these fireplaces are lovely and add ambience to a home, they’re not the best heaters.  On the other hand, the closed combustion burn system designed into fireplace inserts allows for heating efficiency of up to 90 percent – that means all the heat that went up the chimney with the masonry unit will now be available to heat the home.

Gas, wood and pellet stoves

new great looking gas stove in greeley co

The great thing about wood stoves is they can be placed safely in many areas of a home.  Unlike a fireplace cut into a wall, stoves stand alone and are perfect supplemental heating appliances in kitchens, family rooms and even bedrooms.

As with modern fireplaces, new stoves feature a wide range of designs, sizes, colors and finishes making it easy to match the décor of any room in the home.  They’re quick to install, so you’ll begin enjoying their warmth and good looks right away.

FyrePro sells gas, wood and pellet stoves from top names such as Kuma, Vermont Castings, Enerzone and Stoll.

When it’s time for a new fireplace, fireplace insert or stove to keep your family company during our long winters, you’ll find exactly what you need in our friendly Ft. Collins showroom at 4631 Mason St., just 32 miles from Greeley.  We’re also convenient to folks in Bracewell, Lucerne, Cloverly, Kersey, Evans, Garden City and other neighboring communities.  Get your questions answered by calling (970) 266-8556.  And don’t forget: we install everything we sell!