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Gas Burning Stoves | Modern Gas Stoves | Direct Vent Gas Stoves

Great Selection of Gas Stoves - Fort Collins COVisit our showroom in Fort Collins CO to browse our collection of gas burning stoves. We provide the sales, installation, and service of gas stoves for Fort Collins CO, Crystal Lakes, Livermore, Glen Haven CO, Severance, Lyons, and the surrounding towns and communities in Boulder County, Weld County, and Larimer County.

Gas stoves provide the heat output of a furnace and the look of a wood burning stove but without the added work needed for a wood burning stove. Gas stoves are a convenient and easy alternative to wood stoves as there is very little maintenance needed. Gas stoves also work without the need for electricity, providing both heat and a way to cook should the electricity go out during cold, winter months.

High Efficiency Heating

Gas stoves have very high efficiency heat output and minimal heat loss, keeping your home nice and cozy when you need it. These types of stoves are also a good alternative heating source that is environmentally friendly and cost effect at the same time. Gas stoves allow you to zone-heat the rooms you use the most rather than wasting heat on your entire home. Very little maintenance is needed with gas stoves as there is no need to chop and store wood. The only maintenance required is a yearly checkup to ensure that the unit is in proper working order.

There is a wide array of styles and customizable options available from traditional to modern. Gas stoves allow more control over the heat through a remote control or thermostat. Additionally, you can control the amount of heat and the size of the flames from the remote control. Choose from artificial logs or stones or accent lighting to make your gas stove fit seamlessly in with your existing décor.

Gas Stove Venting Options

Valcourt Gas Burning Stove - Cheyenna WYTo vent your gas stove, there are two venting options to choose from. The direct vent offers a more authentic and dynamic flame because of the air drawn in from the outside through a vent which provides increased oxygen levels in the stove. A direct vent also greatly reduces the risk for monoxide poisoning. Vent-free models are available if a homeowners prefers a unit that produces more heat and more vibrant flames. Local codes and regulations will determine whether or not vent free gas stoves are eligible to be installed in your home.

We would love to help you select the right kind of clean-burning stove that offers real flames without the hassle and upkeep of a wood stove. Stop by our showroom in Fort Collins, CO to have one of our experts show you the makes and models that we have available.