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Surrounds, Mantels & Raised Hearths for a Custom Fireplace Upgrade

fireplace hearth and surround remodelingWhen customers upgrade to a more efficient fireplace or insert, they usually also consider changing the entire look of the hearth area. This can include a new mantel and a surround treatment using stone, faux or cultured stone, thin brick, tile or even a metal, marble or granite facing. We offer a selection of fully customizable wall treatments for floor to ceiling surrounds, including faux marble, natural stone, and many more. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Many of our customers opt for a custom upgrade that involves a raised hearth.

At FyrePro, we can help you decide on just the right look for your home. Extending the fireplace surround area to the ceiling with a stone facing is a very popular and beautiful way to change the entire look of your fireplace area and room. Some clients opt to mount a flat screen tv above their new fireplace.

Exceptional Fireplace Remodeling

Whether you need a new surround and mantel for your fireplace or a whole new mantel design, our experts at FyrePro can help. We are a full-service hearth company with trained and qualified builders and installers. Yes, we even provide installation services for our customers, unlike our competitors. With a remodel, you can choose from a wide range of styles for a mantel and surround. Among the countless options are stately, pre-finished materials and genuine stone surrounds. You may choose a traditional, rustic, modern, or contemporary look. The fireplace makeover can achieve a dramatic upgrade or a subtle look that complements your home perfectly.

If you opt for a raised hearth, it can be semi-permanent, if you are concerned about how the alteration may impact the future sales value of your home. There are numerous benefits to a raised hearth. Obviously, if your hearth is seat height, it provides additional seating for your home and a convenient way to warm next to fires. Another convenience of a raised hearth is that you don’t have to bend over as much when reloading your fireplace or stove. In addition, it raises the view of the flames through the glass doors to a better viewing level. There may also be improved heat radiation to other seating.

fireplace insert surround constructionRaised Hearth Feature

A raised hearth is often considered a feature more suited to a spacious area, since it claims floor space. For small rooms, a hearth that is virtually flush with the floor helps to make the room seem larger than if the walking area is interrupted with a raised hearth.

Whatever your design and construction needs are for a new surround, mantel, or hearth, FyrePro is here and we are qualified to provide expert help, including excellent workmanship. To learn more, contact us today at (970) 266-8556 or stop by our destination showroom located at 4631 S. Mason Street, Suite B5, in Fort Collins, CO.