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For more than a decade, FyrePro has been providing fireplace doors and glass door sets for residents in Northern CO & Southern WY, including towns like Fort Collins CO, Windsor, Timnath, Wellington, Crystal Lakes, Boulder, Laramie, Cheyenne, and all of Boulder County, Weld County, and Larimer County.

stoll fireplace doors ft collins boulderA must-have accessory for every hearth area is fireplace doors or glass door sets. Fireplace doors combine practicality with safety and can even add a touch of beauty & elegance to your fireplace. Beyond just approving the appearance of your fireplace, glass fireplace doors increase your heat efficiency which can decrease your annual utility bills. Here at FyrePro, we offer a wide selection of beautiful glass fireplace doors and door sets from top rated manufacturers.

Homeowners can enjoy many benefits from installing a brand new set of fireplace doors including increased safety, prevention of downdrafts & smoky fireplaces, and reduced heating bills. Fireplace doors create a complete seal around the opening of your fireplace which prevents embers & sparks from escaping the firebox. It also prevents the air inside of your home (whether it’s cool air in the summer or warm air in the winter) from escaping out of the chimney. Problematic chimney air flow can actually be reduced by 99% with the proper installation of glass fireplace doors.

Fireplace Doors are a Cost-Effective Solution

david kimberly fireplace door ft collins boulder coInstalling fireplace doors is a cost effective way to upgrade the look & efficiency of your fireplace without needing to replace the whole unit. This wonderful accessory is a cost-effective solution for many common open-burning fireplace problems. Whether you are looking to increase the heating efficiency of your fireplace, childproof & pet proof your fireplace, or add a beautiful new feature to update the look of your fireplace, a set of glass doors is the perfect option.

Glass Door Styles & Options

Fireplace doors come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. They are as unique as the homeowners that purchase them. Available in simple, clean designs and ornate masterpieces, homeowners can find a set of fireplace doors that will perfectly complement their current décor & tastes. Choose from a range of finishes from brass to nickel to copper and bronze, and give your fireplace a fresh new appearance simply by installing new fireplace doors. Stop by our expansive, fully-stocked showroom in Fort Collins CO to browse our collection of fireplace doors & glass door sets. Our industry experts can help you determine the proper size & fit for your fireplace opening and will offer professional installation to ensure you get the most from your brand new door set. Get the beauty you desire with the efficiency you deserve!