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Complete Fireplace Construction, Remodeling & Renovation

new fireplace surround constructionFyrePro offers expert hearth and chimney services, including start-to-finish fireplace and stove updates. We can help by replacing outdated heating appliances with new, efficient, EPA-approved fireplaces and stoves. We handle permitting, provide expert installation, offer construction of new hearths and surrounds, and more.

Custom Surround

The entire area surrounding your fireplace is the “surround.” If you would like a fresh look around your fireplace, we can help. The possibilities for a surround makeover are virtually endless, including a custom look that fits your specific needs and desires. There are many materials that can be used for a new surround, including:

  • Tile
  • Slate
  • Reclaimed Wood
  • A Natural Stone Finish
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Architectural Sheet Metal

We will work with you on the design of your hearth and complete construction, to bring your fireplace surround design to life.

Raised Hearth

The floor of a fireplace is the hearth, and hearths can extend into the room. A raised hearth is one that is built with a higher profile for the fireplace opening, as opposed to being flush with the floor. A hearth can be raised to sitting height, if desired. All hearths are covered with noncombustible materials, and they can help to bring more of a focus to a fireplace or stove. Depending on the hearth design, it can accommodate placement of the fireplace tool set or a small, decorative firewood holder. If you would like to have a raised hearth, our FyrePro experts will be happy to add one for you.

Custom Mantel

A fireplace mantel can add a lot to the overall aesthetics of a fireplace, though many contemporary styles today eliminate the mantel. With the help of our professionals at FyrePro, you can customize a mantel to fit your unique style and enhance your fireplace package. You can choose a simple mantel style or one that showcases stunning architectural embellishments. Our builders at FyrePro can work with you to design the mantel you really want.

Fireplace Inserts

You can add a new and viable heat source to your home by upgrading your masonry fireplace with the addition of an efficient fireplace insert. A fireplace insert is made to fit inside your existing fireplace. The overall design ensures a high efficiency rating of between 70% to 80% or more. Depending on the existing fireplace, you can usually choose to switch to a fireplace insert fueled by wood, gas, or pellets.

NFI Certified

Our experts at FyrePro are NFI-certified. This means that we are qualified to run gas lines for your gas fireplace, gas fireplace insert, or gas stove.

New Fireplace

We can add a fireplace or stove to your home, as long as you have an available outside wall for venting. Many homes in Fort Collins CO and the surrounding area have zero-clearance or ZC fireplaces, also known as factory-built fireplaces. However, the units are old and lack the heating efficiency of the latest EPA-approved fireplaces and stoves.

Our FyrePro technicians are able to switch out your outdated ZC fireplace and install a modern appliance. We will also provide properly updated venting and a chase top termination cap.

fireplace insert construction on fireplace surroundNew Construction

FyrePro has been working with builders to add a fireplace with new construction since 2002. We can work with your builder to include all of the correct structural provisions and chimney chase requirements to accommodate your new fireplace. After construction is complete, we will come in and finish off the installation to your specifications.

At FyrePro, we are a full-service hearth store. Unlike our competition, we provide professional installation for our quality hearth products, in addition to constructing custom surrounds and hearths.