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Boulder CO Fireplaces, Stoves, Fireplace Inserts & Outdoor Kitchens

Boulder CO Fireplace & Stove StoreCustomers from Boulder CO and surrounding towns including Altona CO, Eldorado Springs CO, Gold Hill CO, Lafayette CO, and Nederland turn to FyrePro for the best fireplaces, wood & pellet stoves, gas inserts, and outdoor kitchens.


Homeowners in Boulder can count on our expert service and quality Fireplace Inserts, Stoves, Fireplaces, Grills, Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Fireplaces, and Masonry Heater Fireplaces. Our experts, who provide professional installation of heating appliances and more, also make the trip on 119 and 25, to and from Boulder CO in our FyrePro trucks, visiting homes across the area and helping homeowners choose the perfect heating appliance for their home and heating needs. The city, home of the main campus of the University of Colorado, is at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Boulder is rich in Western history and consistently receives high rankings for quality of life, art, well-being, education, and health.

Fireplace Inserts – Boulder CO Wood, Gas and Pellet Inserts

Many of our Boulder CO customers have discovered that wood, gas, and pellet fireplace inserts are excellent for upgrading home heating efficiency. The inserts are installed inside of a factory-built or masonry firebox. You can still enjoy watching the flames; yet your fireplace is a viable source for supplemental heat, increasing efficiency by up to 90% or more. Gas inserts are convenient and have the added benefit of using a clean-burning fuel supply. Wood inserts improve efficiency up to 80% or more, and you can still enjoy the scent and crackle of the fires. Pellet inserts supply steady heat for up to 36 hours, and the operation is virtually hands-free. Pellet appliances are often rated as smokeless appliances, due to their innovation and efficiency.

Stoves – Freestanding Wood, Gas and Pellet Stoves

More than a few Bolder CO residents have discovered that free-standing wood, gas, and pellet stoves are a far cry from pot-bellied stoves of yesteryear. The range of styles and other options in these highly efficient appliances is impressive. Freestanding gas stoves have unsurpassed convenience and yet provide plenty of heat for effective zone heating. Wood-burning stoves consume the least expensive type of fuel and yet can produce enough heat to keep a 3,500-square-foot home warm in snowy winters. The most eco-friendly and efficient heating appliance of them all is a freestanding pellet stove. These appliances are popular among many in Boulder CO because of their efficiency ratings that exceed 90%.

Fireplaces – Wood and Gas Z/C fireplaces

Wood and gas zero-clearance (ZC) fireplaces are also top choices among Boulder CO customers. The unmatched ambiance and warmth of a fire can be enjoyed in the coziest spaces in your home. The appliances are made in a way that makes it possible to safely install them next to combustible materials. There are many attractive designs and sizes to choose from. Whether you opt for the joys of a wood-burning ZC fireplace or the convenience of a gas ZC fireplace, you can count on enjoying Colorado winters even more, once your new fireplace is installed.

Outdoor Living – Grills, Fire Pits, Outdoor Fireplaces

At FyrePro, we also have many products that will enhance enjoyment of the outdoors. We have a selection of BBQ grills that attract Boulder CO grill masters. Our fire pits are top-rated and add new life to backyards and patios. Outdoor fireplaces and outdoor kitchens are all the rage these days and for very good reason. There’s nothing better than enjoying the beauty of Boulder next to a warm fire or while cooking a meal for friends and family to enjoy. Big box stores don’t carry the wonderful selection of outdoor living appliances that we have at FyrePro.

installed tulikivi fireplace Boulder COMasonry Heater Fireplaces – Tempcast and Tulikivi

Tulikivi masonry heater fireplaces and Temp-Cast masonry heater fireplaces are unique, efficient products we are proud to carry at FyrePro. Many from Boulder have visited our showroom to learn first-hand about remarkable Temp-Cast masonry heater fireplaces. These fireplaces provide minimal environmental impact and improved indoor and outdoor air quality. They are widely known to be the safest solid fuel appliances. Others are especially drawn to gorgeous soapstone Tulikivi fireplaces. These masonry heater fireplaces also provide improved indoor air quality, and they provide soft heat that continues long after fires have gone out.

Outdoor Kitchens – Construction and Installation

If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor living space then add an outdoor kitchen! Don’t worry about weather damage because our outdoor kitchens can withstand conditions in all seasons. Your family will love spending time outdoors through most of the year once you have your very own custom kitchen complete with a grill, refrigerator, sink and fire pit!


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