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Are Wood Burning Stoves the Best Choice for Your Home Comfort?

wood stoves installed in boulder county coWondering whether a wood burning stove is your best option for home comfort in winter? Taking ease at home may mean slightly different things to different people. If a comfortable, cozy indoor environment when it’s freezing cold outside is what you’re looking for, wood burning stoves are excellent options.

The Modern Stove

If an old-fashioned pot-bellied stove is what you think of when wood-burning stoves are mentioned, we invite you to visit our showroom at FyrePro. Not only do modern wood stoves come in a wide variety of styles to match virtually any décor, but they have other features that aren’t so obvious just to look at them. Regulations on the efficiency of wood stoves began changing things in the 1980s. As requirements imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have continued to tighten, wood stoves have gotten more and more efficient and environmentally friendly, in addition to being increasingly aesthetically pleasing.

Cost-Cutting Efficiency

At up to 80% efficiency, wood stoves have higher efficiency ratings than factory-built fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Wood stoves can provide a significant amount of heat, enabling you to turn off the central heating system. According to some experts, you can cut utility costs in half with a wood stove. This is welcome news for countless homeowners, since winter electric bills tend to skyrocket.

Low Fuel Cost

The least expensive of all types of fuel used for home heating is firewood. Cutting your own firewood from your own property is essentially free. Even when you pay for firewood, it is less expensive than electricity, oil, gas, and pellets. You can go snow skiing more often or simply enjoy greater peace of mind regarding finances, with the hundreds you will save in heating costs using a modern wood stove.

Environmentally Friendly

boulder county co wood stovesProtecting the earth is a great thing to do for future generations. There is no need to feel any guilt when burning firewood because it is a clean-burning, renewable, sustainable, carbon neutral, earth-friendly option. Due to the improved efficiency of wood-burning stoves, the amount of particulate matter and combustion byproducts released in the air from a wood fire is at levels considered safe for the environment.

Firewood is also carbon neutral. What this means is that no additional carbon dioxide is released into the air because you burn wood. The environmental effect of a log rotting in the woods is equal to the effect of burning the same log in a wood stove.

Warm Radiant Heat
Instead of heat coming out through just the door or opening of a wood stove, fires also produce all-around radiant heat. The warmth radiates from the top and from each side of a wood stove. This is home comfort at its best during wintry weather.

Perhaps the greatest home comfort is simply being indoors with family, nice and snug, when snow boots are needed outside. A wood stove can be as much an ideal gathering place for family and friends as fireplaces are.

Contact us at FyrePro today to see our beautiful selection of wood stoves or to talk more about the benefits of a wood stove call us at (970) 266-8556..