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Top 7 Reasons to Install a Gas Fireplace

gas fireplaces near Fort Collins, COThere are many great reasons to install a gas fireplace in one or more rooms of your home. Homeowners often find that a modern gas fireplace has essentially the same incomparable warmth, beauty, and ambiance of a masonry fireplace but with added benefits. The style and construction of solid fuel-burning appliances have been changing and evolving for decades. Gas fireplaces deserve another look, if it has been a while and you are wondering, “What are the benefits of installing a gas fireplace?”


1 – Enhance your Decor
The wide range of gas fireplace styles and designs is remarkable. You can choose between realistic ceramic logs, fire glass, lava rock, and fire stone. Your gas fireplace can be free-standing or can be installed in a wall of your home or in the wall between two rooms and a fire view on each side. A variety of gas fireplaces to match your décor is available, from contemporary and elegant to traditional and rustic.

2 – Unmatched Convenience

Turning on a gas fireplace couldn’t be easier. You push a button, flip a switch, or turn a knob. You can enjoy instant flames as well as instant heat. This is a level of convenience that can’t be compared with wood-burning fireplaces, which require chopping, splitting, hauling, and stacking firewood. Also, with a gas fireplace, there are no worries about dealing with unwanted visitors, such as spiders or mice, as there are when carrying logs into your home.

3 – Versatile Venting and Installation

You don’t have to find a large amount of space to install a gas fireplace. Just about any area in your home, no matter how cozy, is likely ideal for installation. One reason for the versatility is that you can get a direct-vent fireplace that vents directly through the nearest exterior wall. Some gas fireplaces are vent-free but may not be approved by building regulations where you live.

4 – Cost-cutting Zone Heating

Interested in cutting utility costs? Due to the convenience and versatility of gas fireplaces, you can install them in several rooms of your home and practice zone heating. What is zone heating? It is when you turn off the central heating system and heat only the room you’re in, using gas fireplaces or some other form of solid fuel heating system.

5 – Continuous Heat

Whereas a wood fireplace requires lighting a fire and later allowing the flames to cool, leaving a room cold, a gas fireplace can provide instant and consistent heat until you’re ready to switch it off. There is no need to deal with replenishment of fuel.

6 – Safer

new gas fireplaces near Fort Collins, COUnlike wood-burning, when you have a gas-fueled fireplace, no fumes or particles are released into the environment. Another way in which gas is safer is that there is no danger of embers escaping the fireplace or of logs shifting and rolling out of the fireplace.

7 – Simple Maintenance

Very little maintenance is required for gas fireplaces. Annual inspections are highly recommended, however. Valves need to be checked, and it’s important to routinely make sure everything is operating properly and safely.

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