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Pellet Stove FAQs

top notch pellet stoves near conifer coPellet stoves are innovative appliances that aren’t regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they emit so little smoke. Pellet stoves provide more heat than wood stoves and fireplace inserts. Learn more from answers to the following frequently asked questions or FAQs about pellet stoves below.

What is a pellet stove?

A pellet stove is a clean burning, efficient home heating appliance that burns small biomass pellets. A standard 110-volt electrical outlet is required to operate a pellet stove, which utilizes blower fans to achieve clean-burning combustion and to circulate heated air into the home. A back-up power supply can keep your pellet stove running, in the event electricity goes out in a severe storm.

How does a pellet stove work?

You can enjoy hands-free heat in your home with a pellet stove. You simply pour pellets into a hopper, and the pellets are fed automatically into a burn box or firepot. The hopper either works using gravity or has an auger system powered by an electric motor. The auger system slowly turns and deposits pellets into the fire. A fan blows a stream of hot air into the fire, which helps to achieve consistently high temperatures and a fire that burns efficiently and evenly. A second fan blows air through heat exchanger pipes that run through the stove’s interior, producing low-maintenance, long-lasting heat.

How efficient are pellet stoves?

Pellet stoves have efficiency ratings of up to 90% or more and, in the right circumstances, can provide heat for a large portion of your home. The appliances are considered smokeless. EPA certifications are not required but some manufacturers voluntarily pursue EPA certifications, in order to remove any doubts consumers may have.

How are wood pellets made?

Wood pellets are about the size and shape of rabbit food. They are made with highly compressed wood byproducts and wood waste, such as sawdust, wood chips, and lumber mill scrap. Higher ash content means that there is a higher amount of tree bark in the pellet material and is indicative of lower quality pellets. Be sure the pellets you purchase are made with real wood and not recycled products. A pleasant wood scent is the best way to verify that pellets are made with wood and not substitutes such as cardboard, which could damage your pellet stove.

How are pellets stored?

Wood pellets for pellet stoves come in 40-pound bags that can be neatly stacked. It is essential that the pellets remain dry.

Are pellet stoves noisy?

boulder county co pellet stovesThree motors are used in the operation of pellet stoves. You can hear the convection fan, the combustion fan, some airflow, and sometimes the auger. Manufacturers have continued to improve pellet stoves so that the latest models are quieter than previous versions. As pellet stoves age, they sometimes make additional sounds. Tightening different components of the stove can often stop noisy vibrations.

How many bags of pellets are needed for winter?

One 40-pound bag of pellets typically supplies heat for 24 hours, according to the Pellet Fuels Institute. Depending on climate and variations in lifestyle, between 100 and 150 bags of pellets make up a winter’s supply.

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