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Now is the BEST time to add a new Stove, Fireplace or Fireplace Insert

Supplemental heating is currently the best way to cut heating costs. It just makes sense to add a new stove, fireplace insert, or z/c fireplace. All of these modern appliances are eco-friendly and packed with other advantages, as well. Get ready now for the next cold snap. The fires will warm your home on cold days, and lower utility bills can warm your heart.

Heating Stoves
weld county co wood stovesThings have certainly changed since your grandparents’ days, as regards the beauty and efficiency of wood stoves. Modern wood stoves truly have evolved. There are numerous options in the design and efficiency of a wood-burning stove. Whether your home is decorated in rustic, traditional, contemporary, modern, or shabby chic style, you can find the ideal wood stove to match.

Gas stoves have very high efficiency heat output and minimal heat loss, keeping your home nice and cozy when you need it. These types of stoves are also a good alternative heating source that is environmentally friendly and cost effect at the same time. Very little maintenance is needed with gas stoves as there is no need to chop and store wood. The only maintenance required is a yearly checkup to ensure that the unit is in proper working order.

Pellet stoves offer another option to help heat your home and save you money. There is a wide variety, styles, and designs of pellet stoves that can fit any décor, from traditional to modern. The fuel source needed for these appliances, pellets, take up much less space than wood and logs.

You can have a heating stove installed in just about any room of your home. To use heating stoves for zone heating, keep the unit burning in whatever room you’re in and turn off the central heating unit.

Fireplace Inserts
gas-insert-leftYour beautiful but inefficient masonry fireplace can get an upgrade that vastly improves the amount of heat it can provide to your home. Contact us at Fyrepro to have a fireplace insert installed. An insert converts your traditional fireplace into a supplemental heat source that is safe and provides maximum efficiency.

It may be necessary to have a new chimney liner installed at the same time you add a liner. The reason for this has to do with the increased output of heat. Inserts are available in wood, pellet or gas burning styles.



Z/C Fireplaces
red feather lakes co gas fireplaceZero Clearance fireplaces are an excellent choice for supplementing home heating. When building a new home buyers can choose to install a z/c fireplace that is wood or gas fueled. In an existing home a fireplace can be installed in most any room of your home, to cut heating costs with zone heating.

Gas fireplace styles are very versatile. You can even have a fireplace installed in your wall, much like a framed picture. They can also be installed in a wall as a room divider, and the fireplace can provide heat to both rooms. With gas it’s as simple as flipping a switch to get the flames in a gas fireplace going.

Wood burning z/c fireplaces increase the value of your home, greatly increase heat efficiency, and become the centerpiece of any room. Owing to the increased efficiency of newer wood fireplaces, less wood is needed since as much heat as possible is conserved due to their improved design.

When you see the beauty of these appliances and learn about their efficiency, it makes sense to choose them for your home. Supplement your winter heating with a new wood, gas or pellet stove, fireplace insert, or z/c fireplace from Fyrepro.