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Gas Fireplace Trends – Your Guide to Fireplace Design

Renovation season is almost here! Spring is a popular time of year for home improvement projects. Months spent inside avoiding the cold may have motivated you to invest in a fireplace. A gas fireplace not only adds warmth and beauty, it can also help reduce your heating bills and boost your home’s value by up to $12,000. 2019 has many hot gas fireplace trends to inspire you.

gas fireplaces in Greely COTrend #1 : Large Square Viewing Windows

A gas fireplace with a large, square viewing window makes a bold statement in any room. This design gives you an awesome view of the flames that amplifies the ambiance of your fireplace. It makes the space feel bigger whether you choose to pair it with a sleek modern frame or rustic wooden mantel and brick surround.

Trend #2 : Sleek Linear Viewing Windows

Linear fireplaces with a long, rectangular viewing window have become a signature design in modern homes. This year, linear fireplaces are being adapted to suite a broader range of interior designs. Pairing it with a stone surround or elegant wooden mantel can make it feel less modern without diminishing the breath-taking beauty of the expanded view of the fire.

Trend #3 : New Angles on the Fire

Corner fireplaces and multi-sided fireplaces allow you to enjoy watching the flames dance from new angles. They are also a testament to the versatility of gas fireplaces. A multi-side gas fireplace can be an excellent room divider in a home with an open floor plan. A corner gas fireplace can be ideal in an oddly shaped space or small bathroom.

Gas fireplace in Longmont COTrend #4 : Unlocked Design Potential

New technology, like Regency’s Cool Wall System, has unlocked new design options for fireplace finishing’s. Before this innovation, combustible materials like wallpaper, wood accents, and shiplap wall could never be placed directly around or above the fire. Now, fireplaces with this technology no longer have these restrictions. These gas fireplaces transfer heat from the fire away from the wall by pushing it into the room so that you can safely use combustible design materials around the fireplace from edge to edge.

Trend #5 : Ultimate Heat Control

Gas fireplaces with a simple on/off switch are a thing of the past. New models are available with smart remotes that allow thermostat level control of your fireplace. With a smart fireplace remote, you may be able to program your fireplace to turn on and off at specific times or when the room reaches a certain temperature. The controllable heat options can ensure that you won’t overheat while you are relaxing beside your fireplace. For example, Regency fireplaces allow you to lower the heat output of the fire by up to 50% and change the speed of the blower so that you have the best control of your fireplace’s temperature. Some models even have a venting system that allows you to heat up other rooms with your fireplace’s warmth.

These 2019 gas fireplace trends have a timeless appeal. To view a wide selection of cutting-edge, energy efficient gas fireplaces in every style from modern to rustic, stop by FyrePro’s showroom in Fort Collins, CO!