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How Fireplaces can Keep you Covered in Winter

nice zc fireplaces in fort collins co Further south, a fireplace may be almost a purely aesthetic feature; but in Colorado, it can be the only thing to keep you warm on the coldest days of the year. When winter blackouts occur, it’s usually at the worst possible times. You can have the peace of mind in knowing that your fireplace is a dependable source of heat and light, when you need it most. In winter, a fireplace can mean the difference between an inconvenience and a calamity.

Keep Home Fires Burning

You don’t have to have a built-in masonry hearth and chimney to reap the many benefits of a fireplace. Modern wood-burning and gas fireplaces can be installed and provide enough warmth to count as viable, cost-cutting sources of heat. You can buy a fireplace that is ideal to keep a large room warm on the iciest days, and zero clearance fireplaces are also available for the coziest of spaces. When the electricity goes out in wintry weather, a fireplace may become your most valuable asset. Fires can keep off the chill, even in emergencies. You may also have accessories that make your fireplace useful for cooking over an open fire.

The Versatility of Fireplaces

With a wood-burning or gas fireplace, you can upgrade the appearance of any room while providing reliable heat. The selection of fireplaces today is huge and remarkably varied. You can install a sleek gas fireplace in a wall of your home or include a surround that resembles a traditional fireplace.

Although fireplaces have traditionally been installed in the large den or living room of a home, they are ideal for any and all rooms. Professionals can help you choose a fireplace that’s the correct size for the space you plan to install it in. You may want a fireplace in your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom so that you can zone heat. With zone heating, instead of warming up your entire home with expensive central heating, you heat only the room you’re in.

Fireplace Inserts

fireplace inserts in efficient heat in fort collins coIf your home has a basic masonry fireplace, you may have figured out that it doesn’t provide enough warmth to stand alone as a heat source on a very cold day. Open hearths are inefficient, with a full 90% of the heat going up the chimney. You can have a fireplace insert installed, and it will transform your fireplace into a genuinely valuable heat supply. A fireplace insert useful for a blackout can be fueled by wood or gas.

When you get a fireplace insert, the first thing needed is an accurate measurement. It’s recommended that you hire a professional to do the measurements and installation for a fireplace insert. In most cases, it’s necessary to install a new flue lining. It’s essential that the flue fits properly with the appliance, for both safety and efficiency reasons. A fireplace insert can only operate at maximum efficiency when fitted, installed, and vented properly.

A fireplace provides a win-win situation, between the classic and beloved aesthetics and the heat it provides when the electricity goes out. Contact FyrePro today if you’re ready to reap all the benefits of a modern, efficient fireplace. Call 970-266-8556.