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Fireplace Inserts Can Cut Heating Costs

Many fireplace lovers have a dilemma. They want to cut heating costs but they don’t want to give up the charm of warming their home with fires. We have great news! There is no longer a need to be conflicted about the inefficiency of your fireplace. With a fireplace insert, your masonry fireplace can be converted into an efficient and viable heat source. There are three distinct options in fireplace inserts to choose from. You can choose from a wood-burning fireplace insert, a gas fireplace insert, and a pellet fireplace insert.https://www.fyrepro.com/fireplace-inserts/

Wood-burning Fireplace Insert
wood insert estes park coTo have a fireplace insert, you need to have one built specifically for your fireplace. Professional measurements are recommended, since the ultimate fit determines the efficiency and proper operation of the insert. In many instances, a new chimney liner is required, to fit the new appliance and provide added protection from heat.

Many wood-burning inserts include a fan under the firebox, which creates convection heat. Whereas a traditional masonry fireplace loses up to 95% of the heat up the chimney, an insert has an efficiency rating of 60% to 80%, if EPA-certified. A wood-burning fireplace insert can heat up to 3,000 square feet, depending on the size of the appliance.

Gas Fireplace Insert
cheyenne wy gas insertGas fireplace inserts can also be fitted inside a masonry fireplace or a prefab fireplace. Venting can be through a wall or a chimney. Gas fireplace inserts can use natural gas or propane. Whichever options you choose, gas fireplace inserts are heating dynamos.

The convenience of gas makes gas fireplace inserts favorites among many homeowners. Getting the flames started can involve a simple flip of a switch or a thermostat adjustment.

The options in gas fireplaces gives them broad appeal. Faux logs are still popular, and they look far more realistic than in earlier times. Another difference is that the flames can now dance directly on the logs. Instead of mimicking a wood fireplace, you can opt for a gas fireplace insert with decorative glass or stones.

The efficiency of a gas fireplace insert can be as high as 85%, according to the Hearth, Patio and Barbecue Association (HPBA).

Pellet Insert
pellet inserts near fort collins coFor an automated wood fire, have a pellet insert installed in your masonry or prefab fireplace. These innovative heating systems burn small 1-inch pellets made with wood by-products. If you like to be environmentally conscientious, pellet inserts are a great choice. The fuel is made with sawdust and other types of wood waste that would otherwise be thrown out.

Efficiency ratings for pellet appliances can be up to 95%. The EPA has rated some pellet stoves as smokeless appliances that don’t need to be regulated.

Operation of a pellet stove is practically hands-free. Simply pour pellets in a hopper and turn on the unit at the temperature you want for your home. The pellets will automatically feed into the burn pot and keep the fire going. With large hoppers and pellets being fed at an average speed, pellet stoves have worked continuously with no attention needed for up to 36 hours.

Contact us at FyrePro to improve the efficiency of your fireplace with a new fireplace insert. We invite you to visit our showroom in Fort Collins CO at 4631 S. Mason Street or call us at (970) 266-8556.