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Why You Should Consider Install a New Fireplace Insert for the Winter Burn Season

fireplace insert install in fort collins coThe romance and ambience of a big, wood-burning masonry fireplace is hard to beat.  But aside from that, these fireplaces can be costly heating appliances – and “heating” may not even be an appropriate word.  While masonry fireplaces look great, they don’t do a very good job heating a home.

Fortunately, there’s an answer.  A fireplace insert can make a huge difference in heating efficiency and bring you other benefits as well.  These units are pre-built and designed to fit into the opening of an existing masonry fireplace.  They’re very air-tight and, when wood is used, provide more thorough burns than masonry units.  Let’s look at why you should consider installing a new fireplace insert for the winter burn season.

More heat, better burns

Traditional masonry fireplaces have efficiency ratings of about 10%, meaning that’s the percentage of heat produced that you’re actually going to feel.  The rest goes up the chimney.  Conversely, a sturdy fireplace insert will come with a rating in the neighborhood of 60%.  The reason for this dramatic difference is the closed-combustion system employed by inserts, as opposed to an open system with masonry units.  It makes all the difference in how warm your home stays during cold weather.

Better for the environment

If you choose a wood-burning fireplace insert, you’ll achieve burns that are far more efficient than a masonry fireplace.  In an insert, wood burns more completely – and hotter – and this results in less smoke and pollutants going up the chimney (and possibly into the house).  Consider also that wood is a natural, sustainable and renewable fuel, something that’s important to a lot of people these days.

Variety of styles and designs

Today’s fireplace inserts are available in many eye-catching designs.  With the wide variety of finishes, colors, shapes and sizes, it shouldn’t be hard to have a new fireplace unit that perfectly accents your home’s décor.  Popular features that can come with fireplace inserts include vents and blowers to push even more heat into a room, and operation that’s fully managed by remote control.

Many fuel sources

beautiful fireplace insert in windsor coWe’ve been talking about wood-burning fireplace inserts, but if wood’s not your thing, you have options.  You can purchase fireplace inserts that run on natural gas, propane, pellets and coal.  (Keep in mind that a single unit will burn only one type of fuel.)  Whatever fuel type you decide on, you still get all the great benefits of an efficient insert.

If your masonry fireplace simply isn’t doing the job, maybe it’s time to look into a new fireplace insert that uses your preferred source of fuel.  Once you have it professionally installed in your home, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make this decision years ago.

FyrePro of Fort Collins, CO, is the place to shop for fireplace inserts as well as all other home heating appliances and accessories.  After you choose the right fireplace insert, we’ll deliver it and install it safely and correctly.  Visit us at 4631 S. Mason St., or give us a call at (970) 266-8556.