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Choosing the Best Fireplace for Your Home & Lifestyle

Gas fireplaces in fort collins co Fireplaces being forever popular features in homes, ways have been invented to provide cozy fireplaces for residences and even rooms of every size. There are many styles and types of fireplaces that can be installed, whether or not the home is already complete with a masonry fireplace and chimney. The best fireplace for your home and lifestyle is likely available for installation right now. The following information about fuel types and more can help you narrow down your choices by helping you determine which kind of fireplace is most ideally suited to your needs.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Wood is not only the least expensive heating fuel, it is also the most charming, creating a much-loved ambiance. Although wood is the favorite fireplace fuel, it is also the fuel that requires the most effort. For this to be your optimal choice, you need to have a place to store a supply of firewood. After a tree is cut down and logs are cut, it takes up to a year or more for the moisture to in the wood to dry out. Then, of course, logs must be hauled into the home, possibly bringing in some unwanted critters, such as spiders.

If you already have a beautiful masonry fireplace, you may want to get a fireplace insert installed. An insert will increase efficiency from less than 10% to 65% or more. Professional installation is important, and a new flue liner is usually required, to ensure a proper draft and maximum efficiency.

No existing chimney? No problem. Pre-fab wood-burning fireplaces are built to have flexible installation options. Also called “zero-clearance” wood fireplaces, these well-insulated, efficient appliances can be installed very close to walls and other combustible materials.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces can be fueled with natural gas or liquid propane. They are preferred by many homeowners because of the convenience of being able to turn on the flames and the heat with the flip of a switch. There are many  styles to choose from. Gas fireplaces can be sleek and modern with fire glass or realistic gas logs.

Zone heating is easy with gas fireplaces, though it can also be done with wood fireplaces. To cut energy costs with zone heating, turn off central heating and heat only the room you’re in by turning on the fireplace while you’re there. Because turning the heat on and off is so easy with gas as your fuel, you can install gas fireplaces throughout your home and create an exciting new indoor escape from cold winter weather.

Electric Fireplaces

An electric fireplace provides heat with heating coils. Although there are no flames, electric fireplaces provide a nice simulation of the delightful ambiance unique to fireplaces. These appliances need only be plugged in, and they are safe to have around pets and children.

Wall-Mounted or Free-Standing Fireplaces

wood burning fireplaces in wellington coIn addition to fuel types, there are fireplace choices related to installation. Free-standing fireplaces create more of a complete look of a masonry fireplace. Wall-mounted fireplaces can create an ultra-modern look. They provide the extra advantage of not taking up any extra space in a room.

If having one or more fireplaces in your home as a source of supplemental heat sounds like a dream, even if it’s because it will help you cut costs, contact us at FyrePro today. We offer fireplaces to fit any decor, and our helpful professionals will help you determine which fireplace size and style is perfect for your home. Reach us by phone at (970) 266-8556.