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5 Reasons a Gas Fireplace is an Appliance You Want

Fires in our fireplaces create a pleasant, one-of-a-kind ambiance. With today’s modern appliances, fireplaces can also be ideal for providing supplemental heat in winter. Gas Fireplaces have become increasingly popular among homeowners in recent years. We think if more people were aware of their benefits, they would also want one. The following are five reasons we think you want a gas fireplace.

1 – Convenience

Convenience is absolutely the top reason many homeowners are so glad when they have a gas fireplace installed. The glowing fires are warm and inviting, and they can be started with ease. Starting a gas fireplace can involve flipping a switch, using a remote control, or adjusting a thermostat. Most importantly, enjoying a fire doesn’t require the many steps involved with a wood-burning fireplace. The following are a few of the potential hassles you avoid when you have a convenient gas fireplace in your home instead of a wood-burning fireplace:

· Chopping and splitting logs.

· Stacking logs for storage.

· Keeping logs dry as the moisture content shrinks, which is approximately 6 to 12 months, depending on the type of wood and other factors.

· Hauling logs into your home, along with possibly mice, spiders, and insects.

· Preparing to start the fire, which might involve wadded up newspaper and dryer lint or some other material that easily ignites.

· Throwing kindling onto the initial flames.

· Slowly adding logs.

· Tending the fire and never leaving it unattended.

2 – Flexible Installation

No chimney is required for you to enjoy a cozy gas fireplace in your home. Direct-vent technology makes it possible to vent a fireplace directly through a wall leading outside. You can have a gas fireplace in your bedrooms, in your kitchen, and even within a wall. It’s easy to convert a masonry fireplace into a gas fireplace, if that’s an option that appeals to you. Although not allowed in all municipalities, there are also ventless gas fireplaces that don’t require any type of external venting.

3 – A Wide Range of Styles

There is an amazing range of gas fireplaces to choose from. We invite you to visit our showroom in Fort Collins, CO. The innovation in design places gas fireplaces in a unique category. Your home can have an upgrade in appearance with any of the numerous styles available. You don’t need to go with faux logs, though modern gas logs are more realistic by far than in times past. You can choose to have your flames on glass, and the glass comes in many colors. There are also gas fireplaces that can serve as a room divider and provide warmth and great ambiance in two rooms at once.

4 – Zone Heating / Lower Utility Bills

You can save between 20% and 40% on home heating with a gas fireplace, according to research. Zone heating is a smart way to knock down high heating costs. Turn off the central heating system and turn on the gas fireplace in the room you’re in. It’s that simple. With instant flames, you immediately begin to get warmth. Switching it off as you move to another room is just as effortless.

5 – Ease of Maintenance
Installing gas fireplace fort collins coAnother benefit gas fireplaces have over wood-burning fireplaces is that maintenance is much easier. Wood fires cause hazardous, highly flammable creosote to be deposited in the chimney lining. This doesn’t occur with a gas fireplace. Annual inspections are still advised, as with all solid fuel appliances. The yearly maintenance is typically a simple adjustment or replacement part, as needed.

Visit us at Fyrepro for a beautiful gas fireplace for your home. We do all of our own installation and maintenance. Stop by today.